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Althea McBride

CEO & Founder

Janella D as a name is an anagram of my grandparents names. My grandmother Ella Jane, and my grandfather David "Dave". Janella D celebrates and promotes the beauty in every body. Providing high quality, affordable luxury lifestyle items. With several college degrees, and over 13 years of corporate marketing experience, Althea McBride has been a strong force for several companies. It is now time to be the change, to remind every person just how amazing they truly are.

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The story of Janella D

Janella D's Start

This has been one crazy journey. Janella D launched September 2020. It is a black owned business, founded by and operated solely by the CEO Althea N. McBride in Los Angeles, CA. With no financial backing, no loans, SBA, nor grants, Althea launched Janella D a full year earlier than planned once displaced from work due to Covid-19. She didn't let that hinder the launch and instead used her savings and personal resources to fund Janella D. Althea took immense steps over the years and dozens of business courses to prepare for the launch and before debut secured celebrity support, black media outlet support, and more. Janella D offers eco-friendly recyclable packaging, luxury branding, and quality ingredients in every project. In 13 years of marketing, she never once saw someone that looked like her nor someone with her amount of education as she completed 4 degrees in business and politics to prepare for Janella D's launch. This has been a slow but steady journey to see this through, and bring light to changing beauty standards, standard marketing practices, and using our corporate voice for current social and political concerns.

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Celebrating Beauty

Beauty in every body

As a plus size black woman in her 30's I know all too well what it feels like looking at the average marketing and beauty campaign. Janella D promotes the beauty in all, and the beauty in every body. Whether a matured woman or man, LGBTQIA, beautifully-abled, plus size man or woman, every individual is beautiful in their own way. If they do not feel so, Janella D aims to not just provide products, but cater our branding to remind our supporters just how amazing they truly are. All of our products are formulated with quality ingredients, our branding expects to grow as the covid-19 pandemic eventually subsides to reflect individuals of all backgrounds, ages, genders, sexual identities, beautifully-abled bodies, and more. This is only the beginning of our journey, so take a step into luxury, and take a ride with us to celebrating the beauty in every body, while living the life of luxury with each of our products. We are more than just a brand, we are Janella D, where sophistication, beauty, and luxury meet.

Celebrating the beauty in every body.
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