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5 - Daily Skin Care Hand Routine Guide

Importance of Daily Hand Skincare Routine and Role of Hand Creams

Our body is 70% water, and we need to maintain this hydration level to keep ourselves healthy. When our body becomes hydrated, the first effects that we notice appear on our skin. Skin that lacks moisture looks dry, flaky, and patchy. Most of the skin When we talk about skincare, we usually think about our face. But have you ever thought about giving adequate attention to the skin of your hands too? Actually, our hands come in contact with different types of substances and elements all day. We also wash our hands much more than we wash our face. So, hands easily become dry and rough, due to which it becomes extremely important to include a hand cream in our daily skincare routine. Janella D has a wide range of products that are specifically meant for natural skin care of hands. Let’s see how they can help. like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea also develop on dry skin. That is why it is extremely important to keep our skin moisturized. Janella D Cervelt Cream has been specifically designed by experts to do just that.


Using a hand cream on a regular basis can keep your hands moisturized and supple. Dry hands often become cracked, dull and wrinkly, that no one wants to have. When you slather a hand cream on your hands, they instantly become hydrated and younger looking.

Skin Renewal

With ingredients like shea butter, mango seed butter, white tea extract, camellia sinensis and others, Janella D Cervelt Cream is laden with nutrients that work wonders for your skin. These include the Like skin on other parts of the body, our hands also shed dead skin cells all through the day. However, the shed skin cells need to be replaced and renewed. Applying a hand cream helps in renewing the skin and leave your hands’ skin healthy and smooth. :


Since we touch all sorts of things with our hands, they are most susceptible to accumulate germs and bacteria. A hand cream that is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties will keep your hands clean, ward off any germs, and make them hygienic.


When you include a hand cream in your daily skincare routine, your hands become softer, younger and smoother. Janella D hand creams are laden with nutrients and omega 3 and 9 acids that make your hand skin youthful.

Stress Relief

When you are stressed, giving your hands a gentle massage will stimulate your blood circulation and make you feel better. The aromatic perfume of Janella D hand creams will definitely work as an amazing stress reliever.

Stronger Nails

For your hands’ organic skin care, Janella D has also come up with cuticle oils that you have to rub on your nails and cuticles to make them softer and stronger. You will be amazed to see how stronger and better your hands look when you apply hand cream on them. Your nails stop cracking and chipping, and you are able to grow beautiful nails that you can show off.

Janella D Product Range for Hands

  • The Persica Cream from Janella D is rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 9 acids, and vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B3, and B6, which firm up your skin and slow down collagen degradation. 
  • Their Saccharine Buffing Scrub is highly effective in reducing pores, removing impurities, shedding dead cells, and leaving your skin youthful.
  • Arue Cuticle Oils from the company are helpful in moisturizing and nourishing dry cuticles, thus resulting in healthier and stronger nails.
  • Halite Buffing Scrub from Janella D is a gentle exfoliator that refreshes and softens your skin by reducing pores and removing impurities.

So, now that you are aware of the benefits of hand skincare and you also know some of the best products for hand care from Janella D, what are you waiting for? Grab the one that you are impressed with and see how beneficial it is.

The Bottom Line

No matter what you think about the commercials that advertise supple hands, there is truth to those images. Getting the best hand cream you can buy will help you to enjoy the various benefits that come from using it regularly.

Having soft, supple hands along with strengthening your nails, giving your stress relief and much more are some of the benefits you gain from using hand cream. Therefore, when you are planning your skincare routine and the cosmetics you throw into your handbags, don’t forget to include hand cream. You will reap the many benefits that come with using it and never go back to being without.

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