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Beauty in All

Janella D the brand

Every individual is beautiful in their own way. Here at Janella D, we celebrate the beauty in every body. Take a step into luxury, and entwine your senses, with our products. Soft hydrated skin, strong healthy hair, luxury artisan candles, the journey into luxury provides a full sensory experience. From home fragrances to mens products, bath and body, and more. Janella D has a bit of luxury for every person.

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We use luxury artisan fragrances that are multi dimensional and contain exotic oils blended to create a pleasuring olfactory experience.

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Many of our products are vegan friendly.

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Cruelty Free

All of our products are cruelty free, not tested on any animals, and use eco friendly non cruelty ingredients sourced for production.

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We utilize various products and limit our paraben use. Most of our products are paraben free, the few that contain parabens are smallest in ingredient usage and safe for use. Any listed paraben is solely a preservative to extend the shelf life of products.

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Skin Use

Our products are formulated specifically to be safe for all skin types. Any known allergens are also listed such as nut based oils.

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Where sophistication, beauty, & luxury meet.

Janella D provides quality skin care, hair care, mens grooming products, home, candles, and bath & body. Perfect for holiday and celebratory gifts, or that special touch for an at home spa experience.

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Janella D

Philosophy and Vision

Janella D abides by these top 8 company values: Integrity, Diversity and Inclusion, Humility, Employee Growth, Commitment to Customers, Quality, and the Beauty in All. Our vision is to expand Janella D, Inc. into an international luxury lifestyle brand while being socially conscious and providing quality sustainable and eco-friendly luxury products.

Celebrating the beauty in every body.
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